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The Best Commercial Moving Service In Oakville With Complete Personalization

Advance Moving is a top-tier provider of commercial moving services in Oakville. Our expertise in the business and commitment to excellent customer service sets us apart. Whether you're planning a small office move or relocating a large corporation, we have you covered. We use a personalized approach to cater to your unique requirements.

Why Choose Advance Moving?

Extensive Experience

Advance Moving is like a seasoned captain who has sailed many seas. As a leading moving company in Oakville, we've navigated many moving journeys. That's a lot like knowing the best routes in a video game - we're familiar with all the potential challenges 

Customized Solutions

Picture this - you're making a sandwich. You pick your favourite ingredients to make it just the way you like. That's how we approach moving. We understand that each move is unique, like your sandwich! So, we offer personalized packing Oakville

Professional Team

Our team is like a group of superheroes, each with a special power. They're highly skilled and committed to treating your belongings with the utmost care. Just as you would handle a favourite toy or cherished book, our team handles your items with care during the residential moving Oakville.

Competitive Rates

Think of getting your favourite ice cream cone at a price that makes you smile. That's how we price our services. We offer high-quality commercial moving services at rates that provide great value for your money. This way, your experience with us is as sweet as enjoying that ice cream cone without worrying about the cost.

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When you book our "Packing & Moving" service

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Advance Moving, your happiness is what matters most to us. Have you ever received a gift that made you smile from ear to ear? That's the kind of joy we want you to feel when you use our moving services. Our team works hard to ensure everything goes better than you imagined.

Think of our commercial moving services in Oakville as the ultimate care package. Just like your favourite dessert, we want our services to be something you love and enjoy. So, how do we do that?


1. We Listen: Just as your best friend would, we listen to you. We take note of your needs and wishes for moving day.

2. We Prepare: Like getting ready for a big game, we make plans to ensure everything runs smoothly. This involves personalized packing Oakville and arranging all the details for the big day.

3. We Deliver: Imagine a well-practiced team in a relay race. Each person has a job, and they do it excellently to win. That's how we handle moving day. Every member of our team does their job well to ensure you have a successful move.

4. We Support: Remember the warmth you feel when someone helps you with a difficult task? That's how we want you to feel even after we've moved all your things. We are here to help you settle in and answer any questions you might have.


By choosing us as your moving company in Oakville, you're choosing a team that cares about your happiness. You can rely on us to make your commercial move a positive, stress-free experience. That's our 100% satisfaction guarantee to you.

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Our Service Includes

Comprehensive Planning

Just like preparing for a field trip, we begin our moving process by laying out a clear plan. We list out every item, decide the order in which they'll be moved, and set a timeline to avoid last-minute rushes. This way, when moving day arrives, everything flows smoothly, just like a well-rehearsed play. This is the essence of our commercial moving Oakville.

Safe Packing and Unpacking

We understand that your items are more than just 'things.' They could be important documents, valuable electronics, or office furniture that need special care. Our team treats them with the attention they deserve, packing them securely like precious gifts. Then, when we reach the destination, we unpack them carefully too. 

Efficient Loading and Unloading

Imagine a puzzle where each piece must fit perfectly to form the right picture. That's how we approach loading your items onto our moving trucks. Our team carefully places each item, ensuring they fit well and won't be damaged during the journey. 

Secure Storage

Sometimes, you might need a place to store your items temporarily. Think of this as a safe locker where your precious belongings can rest until they're ready to move to the new location. We offer such secure storage options as part of our moving company Oakville services. 

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Sometimes things happen and you need to move and there is just no time to schedule or organise a move. We are here to help!

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This is How We Work

Initial Consultation

Just like a doctor needs to understand your health before giving you medicine, we need to understand your moving needs before we can help. When you choose us as your moving company in Oakville, we don't just jump in; we start by chatting with you. Our team takes the time to learn about your requirements. It could be that you're moving to a small office, a big company, or just need our personalized packing service in Oakville. Whatever your needs are, we listen, ask questions, and make a moving plan that suits you best.

Planning and Preparation

Think about when you're about to bake a cake. You wouldn't just start without first gathering all your ingredients and reading the recipe, right? That's what we do with your move - but instead of a recipe, we create a detailed moving schedule. We decide when each task should happen, from packing up your items using our personalized packing in Oakville to loading them onto our trucks. And, just like you would double-check you've got all your ingredients before you start baking, we check everything is ready for your move.

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Now it's time for us to bake that cake – or in our case, to move your items! On a moving day, our team shows up ready to work. They follow the plan and use their skills to make sure everything goes smoothly. With us as your commercial moving service in Oakville, you can relax knowing that all your things will be moved safely and quickly.

Post-Move Support

Imagine you've just baked your cake, but now you're unsure how to serve or store it. That's where we come in with our post-move support. We don't just leave once your items are in your new place. Instead, we help you settle in. This could be anything from showing you the best spots for your furniture to helping unpack your boxes. As your chosen moving company in Oakville, we stick around until you're happy and settled in your new place.


With Advance Moving, each step is handled with care, precision, and professionalism. We ensure that your commercial moving in Oakville is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Choosing Advance Moving for your commercial moving needs in Oakville means choosing peace of mind, efficiency, and Satisfaction. Contact us today for a smooth and hassle-free moving experience.

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Have your furniture assembled by professionals! Sit back and relax as we take care of the hard work for you

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