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About Our Service

At Advance Moving, we offer the finest Storage Service in Oakville. Our company is committed to making your moving experience as smooth as possible. Whether you're transitioning between homes, relocating your office, or simply need a safe place to store your belongings, our secure and well-maintained storage facilities are here for you.


Our services go beyond simple storage; we are a comprehensive moving company Oakville that provides residential moving Oakville, commercial moving, and personalized packing. In short, we handle everything so you can sit back and relax.

Why Choose Us?

Do you want to know why Advance Moving should be your first pick for all your moving and storage needs? Here are some easy-to-understand reasons:

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One-Stop Solution for All Your Needs

Think of Advance Moving as a big moving toolbox. Just like a toolbox has all the tools you need to fix something, our Storage Service in Oakville has all the moving help you need, all in one place. 

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We Listen to What You

We care about what you need and want. It's like when a teacher listens to a student. We want to know what you need from us when you need it and how you want things done. 

Fast and Trustworthy Service.jpg

Fast and Trustworthy Service

You can count on us, just like you can count on your best friend. We're a moving company in Oakville that always does what we say we will do, and we do it when we say we will. 

Helpful and Friendly Team.jpg

Helpful and Friendly Team

Our team is the kind of team everyone wants to be on. We're friendly, we work well together, and we're really good at what we do because we've done it a lot. We're ready to help you with every part.

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When you book our "Packing & Moving" service

Moving Boxes Oakville

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Service

We promise you happiness with our service - that's our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We don't just want to do the work; we want to do it perfectly! When you pick our Storage Service in Oakville, here's what happens:


First, we sit down and listen to what you need. It's like when you tell a friend about your day, and they listen to understand, not reply. We listen to learn what you want from our moving and storage services.


Then, we make a special moving plan just for you. It's like planning a trip. You wouldn't just jump in the car and start driving without knowing where you're going, right? That's how we see your move - it needs a plan.


After that, we start the work. We follow the plan, and we pay attention to every little detail. It's like when you're doing a big school project - you make sure every part is done just right. That's how we handle your move. We make sure every part of it is done just right.


That's how we make sure you're happy - we promise to give you our very best. We won't stop until you say, "Wow, that's just what I wanted!" That's what our Storage Service in Oakville is all about.

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Our Services Include

At Advance Moving, we're more than just a storage service company. Here's a peek at what we do to make your move smooth and easy:

Residential Moving.jpg

Imagine trying to fit all your toys into one box. It's tough, right? Now think about all the things in your house. Moving all that from one place to another seems hard. But don't worry! 

Commercial Moving.jpg

Think about your classroom. Now, imagine trying to move everything in it to a new place. It would take a lot of time and effort, right? For businesses, moving is even bigger. 

Personalized Packing.jpg

Have you ever tried packing a delicate toy but found it really tricky? Our personalized packing Oakville service is like having a professional to help you do that. We pack everything carefully. 

Secure Storage.jpg

Secure Storage Oakville  

Sometimes, you might need to store some of your things for a while when you are moving. It's like when you put away your winter clothes in summer. We as your storage moving service company.

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Sometimes things happen and you need to move and there is just no time to schedule or organise a move. We are here to help!

Advance Moving Oakville


Here is How We Make Your Move Easy

At Advance Moving, we have a step-by-step process that makes moving simple and stress-free. Here's how we work:


1. Let's Talk First: 

We start by having a chat with you. This is like when you plan a school project. We listen to what you need, figure out what stuff we need to help you move, and then make a plan. This step is all about understanding and planning.

2. Packing and Moving: 

After planning, our team comes to your home and starts packing up your belongings. It's just like when you put your toys away in a box, but we do it for everything in your house. We make sure all items are safe and ready to move. Then, we start the moving process, just like a big road trip for your stuff.

3. Keeping Your Stuff Safe: 

Sometimes, you may not have enough space for all your stuff right away. Don't worry! If needed, we have a special place where we can keep your belongings safe and sound. Think of it like a big, safe locker where we take good care of your things until you need them again.

Highly reputable Moving Service Oakville


4. Delivery and Setup

Finally, we bring your stuff to your new place. But we don't just drop it off and leave. We help you put everything where you want it, like helping set up your room after you've moved things around.


Just imagine if you were moving your playroom from one part of your house to another. First, you'd plan out where everything should go; then, you'd pack up your toys, move them to the new room, and finally set them up in their new spots. That's exactly what we do but for your whole house! Remember, we're here to make your move as easy as a walk in the park. Reach out to Advance Moving today and experience the best Storage Service in Oakville. We're excited to help you with your big move!

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Have your furniture assembled by professionals! Sit back and relax as we take care of the hard work for you

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