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Comprehensive Moving Solutions

Advance Moving, a premier moving company Oakville, offers a variety of services to make your move hassle-free. We are a professional moving company with years of experience in residential and commercial moving. Our team is fully equipped with moving and packing supplies, ensuring a smooth and efficient move. We are recognized as one of the best moving companies in Mississauga, a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Do you wonder what makes advance moving unique? Imagine us as your moving superheroes! We have special powers in both residential moving oakville (which is helping you move from one house to another) and commercial moving oakville (which means we help businesses move to a new place). Like superheroes drawing a plan to save the day, we carefully make a plan for each move to ensure everything goes smoothly.


But that's not all! We offer personalized packing oakville service too. Imagine it like wrapping your favourite toys in a soft blanket so they don't get any scratches. And if you have too many things and need a safe place to keep them for a while, don't worry. Our storage service toronto is like a giant, secure toy box where your belongings can stay safe and sound until you need them back.


We know moving can feel like facing a big, scary dragon. But with Advance Moving, that dragon turns into a friendly puppy! We handle all your possessions with as much care as our own treasures. Whether your new home or office is just down the street or in a far-away land, we make sure your move is smooth sailing. Our mission? To turn your moving day into a fun adventure! With Advance Moving, moving isn't scary anymore - it's easy as pie!

How It Works: Three Simple Steps

Moving with Advance Moving is as easy as one-two-three! We've broken down the process into three simple steps that even a fifth-grader could understand.

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Get A Quote

The first step is like telling a story. You reach out to us and tell us about your big move – where you're moving, what you're taking with you, and when you want to move. Then, we'll give you a free price quote. This quote will be as clear as a sunny day, with no surprises or hidden costs. You don't have to say yes right away – this quote is completely free and without any obligation!

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Schedule Your Move

The second step is picking a date and time for your move, just like choosing when to have a birthday party. With us, scheduling your move is a breeze. We're super flexible, just like a gymnast, and we'll work around your schedule to make sure your move happens at the most convenient time for you.

Move with Ease.jpg

Move With Ease

Now, it's time for the grand finale – the actual move. On your moving day, our team of moving superheroes will swoop in to save the day. They will handle everything from packing up your things carefully (like they're precious gems) to transporting them safely to your new place. All you need to do is relax and watch as the magic happens!

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On-Time Arrival and Reliable Service

At Advance Moving, we value your time and understand the importance of punctuality. When you schedule your move with us, you can count on our team of professional movers to arrive promptly on the agreed-upon date and time.

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When you book our "Packing & Moving" service

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Why Choose Advance Moving?

Service Quality

Our reputation as a leading moving company Oakville is due to our unwavering commitment to service quality. Our team of professionals works diligently to ensure your move is smooth and stress-free.

Ready for Your Next Move?

Are you planning a move? Let us take the stress out of your moving day. Contact Advance Moving, your trusted moving company Oakville, today. We'll take care of all your moving needs, allowing you to focus on settling into your new home or office.

Ready to move with ease? Contact Advance Moving today for a free quote. We're ready to help with all your moving needs.

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What Services Do We Offer?

Home Moves in Oakville.jpg

Home Moves in Oakville

Do you want to move to a new house without any stress? Our superhero team can do that! We make moving homes in Oakville as easy as a game of tag.

Office Moves in Oakville.jpg

Office Moves in Oakville

Do you need to move your office to a new place? We can help with that too! We make sure your business doesn't have to stop for long, like a quick snack break.

Personalized Packing.jpg

Special Packing in Oakville

Do you worry about your things getting damaged while moving? No problem! We pack your items as carefully as you would pack your favourite toy. We even help unpack at your new place.

Storage Service in Oakville.jpg

Storage Service in Oakville

Do you have extra things that won't fit in your new place? Don't worry; we have a solution! We offer a safe place, like a giant toy box, where you can keep your things. You can use it for a short time or a long time, whatever suits you best.

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Sometimes things happen and you need to move and there is just no time to schedule or organise a move. We are here to help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Advance Moving?

Advance Moving is like a team of superheroes who help people move their things from one place to another. We can help you move your home, your office, pack your things safely, and even store them for you!

What is residential moving?

Residential moving is when we help you move from one house to another. It's like when you change classrooms, but we're moving your entire house, not just your desk!

What is commercial moving?

Commercial moving is when we help businesses move to a new place. If your office was a spaceship, we would be the crew helping you move it to a new planet!

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What does personalized packing mean?

Personalized packing is when we carefully pack each of your things in a special way to keep them safe. It's like when you wrap a present for your best friend's birthday, but instead, we're wrapping your belongings.

What is a storage service?

Our storage service is like a giant, safe toy box where you can keep your things. If you have too many things and need a safe place to keep them for a while, we can help!

What do I do to schedule my move?

To schedule your move, you just need to choose a date and time that works best for you. It's like planning a play date but for your belongings!

What happens on the moving day?

On a moving day, our team will pack up all your stuff and move it to your new place

Do you help unpack at the new place?

Yes, we do! After moving, we help unpack your things at your new place. It's like reverse gift-wrapping, and you get to rediscover all your belongings!

How can I contact Advance Moving?

You can contact us just like you'd call a friend! You can phone us, send an email, or fill out a form on our website. Remember, at Advance Moving, we're always ready to help make your moving adventure fun and easy!

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Have your furniture assembled by professionals! Sit back and relax as we take care of the hard work for you

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